How to choose wardrobe lighting

Table of contents
  1. How to choose wardrobe lighting
  2. Ceiling light vs closet lamp
  3. Hanging lamps for dressing room
  4. Metal Wardrobe Lamp
  5. Floor lamps for dressing room

How to choose wardrobe lighting

A dressing room, like a large closet or a small room, usually requires especially careful lighting from the inside. Considering that most often this is a room without windows and other sources of daylight,  the lighting in the dressing room  should consist of several points.

Table of contents:

  1. Ceiling light vs closet lamp
  2. Hanging lamps for dressing room
  3. Metal Wardrobe Lamp
  4. Floor lamps for dressing room

Ceiling light vs closet lamp

Therefore, it will be useful separately: a  ceiling lamp for the dressing room,  as well as lamps that illuminate the interiors of individual modules. Small lamps mounted on the wall and ceiling will play a key role here. A small wall lamp of the FEBE Wall LOFTLIGHT type, as well as other universal lighting accessories of this kind, with the right installation guide, you will also install in the cabinet interior. An alternative to the Febe Wall sconce can be, for example, the Orto Teak LOFTLIGHT sconce or even the Rulon LOFTLIGHT sconce. The latter, however, give an intimate, very subtle, atmospheric light, and of course, both in a powerful closet and in the whole room, such  wardrobe lighting won't be enough. The dressing room is indeed an intimate room, but one of those in this category that simply needs intense lighting due to its highly utilitarian nature. Thus, it is possible to seduce, for example, a small standing lamp, but rather as decoration and additional lighting than the main source of light. Therefore  , wardrobe lighting  is, first of all, a large pendant lamp. Various modern lampshades work very well here, but also - as popular at the moment - industrial-style pendant lamps.

Hanging lamps for dressing room

In addition to the typical industrial metal lamps, bright and wide lamps such as the Fiora LOFTLIGHT are a very interesting solution. Therefore, for a poorly lit wardrobe, you can choose a non-woven "flower" with a diameter of 50 or 70 cm. Another unusual white lamp is the Conia White UMAGE lamp (Vita Copenhagen) in the characteristic cone shape. Ceiling lamp for dressing room, which is basically an oversized room, is often light in color. Thus, it does not give the impression of congestion. Therefore, whiteness is especially relevant here. In this case, not only the light of the lamp itself illuminates the room, but also the white color visually enlarges it. It is worth remembering that furnishing a wardrobe with too many accessories, furniture and other dark-colored items can often have an overwhelming effect. However,  the lighting for the dressing room  should, above all, be in the same style as the rest of the room.

Metal Wardrobe Lamp

In the dressing room, along with the already mentioned white pendant lamps, it is worth considering universal lighting in the form of metal industrial lamps. Galvanized, steel lamps in various shapes and colors are absolutely timeless and currently very fashionable. This  wardrobe lamp, that is, a lamp made of galvanized steel, is suitable not only in this room. Galvanized steel lamps come in white, among others. So you can get this type of wide chandelier. An interesting option is to hang small narrow pendant lights made of galvanized steel nearby in an even row, not necessarily white. Then you will illuminate the room even better, in which good visibility of objects inside is especially important. There is often a mirror in the wardrobe as well - so it pays to see the effect of any styling well, and this is best possible with good lighting.

Floor lamps for dressing room

Such lamps will work when it is difficult to bring the electrical system directly, such as into a closet or other poorly lit corners of the room. Just place a standing lamp next to the dressing room and, in the case of a lamp that can be maneuvered a bit, point the light inwards. floor lamps vary in design and functionality. This maneuvering is possible even with the white Stork LOFTLIGHT. If you're putting floor lamps just for better lighting at different points in your wardrobe, then it's certainly worth considering all sorts of industrial lamps, such as the PRL style with three wooden legs. Among these distinctive tripods you will find at lamps with lampshades that are open at the top and also fairly closed on that side. You can choose between a wide cylinder or dome shape. An alternative to them is a lamp on three metal legs with a classic lampshade. No matter what  wardrobe lighting you choose at, it will be modern and fit in with current trends in interior design. In the dressing room, an interesting solution would also be a LOFTLIGHT lamp or several copies of this model located at different points in the room, illuminating them well from different angles. Remember also that choosing the right lighting for your wardrobe is determined primarily by its area, the amount of space available and the location of individual items of clothing, as well as accessories.

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