garden garlands
garden garlands

garden garlands

garden garland

Garden garlands - atmospheric garden lighting and more

Decorating with light is a great way to light up the environment and decorate it fashionably at the same time. Incandescent string lights  work particularly well in this regard because they offer great decorative possibilities and allow them to be placed in a wide variety of spaces. This solution is gaining more and more popularity. Light strings  are becoming, first of all, an increasingly common decor element during special events, especially weddings, but not only. Available in our store,  colored cables  with light bulbs in different sizes and shapes allow you to create fantastic decorations that will be appropriate in various circumstances and always give a great effect. Inspiration is not far to seek!

Light garlands - lighting and a unique decoration in one

Probably everyone will agree that light is not only of practical importance. It can also set the mood, add character to the surroundings, and with the right choice, it can also guarantee a romantic mood, add elegance to the environment, or emphasize the solemn nature of the event. All this can be easily done by choosing exactly  garlands of light bulbs . It is important to note that you can choose what color the lamps will be located in your garden, bedroom or any other place, what shapes or sizes they will have. You can also adjust the intensity of the light by positioning the fixtures on the cable in different ways, so that the  string of lights can give stronger or weaker illumination. This is an extremely practical solution, because sometimes low lighting will be useful, for example in the garden, but where guests will be eating, stronger lighting is definitely needed. With  string lights, you can set the mood with subdued lighting, provide entertainment with colored lamps,  or enhance the elegant decor of your environment by choosing, for example,  modern  white LED lamps that provide strong illumination.

garden garland

Light strings - great for the garden

While  garden lights , contrary to what their name suggests, are a great choice for other spaces as well, they are most commonly found in the garden. Decorate with them, for example, a garden forever, especially since hermetic lamps make the bulbs resistant to moisture and variable temperatures. These garlands are also great as  garden party lighting , giving an unusual atmosphere. Hanging, for example, on tree branches, placed at any distance, light bulbs will give a pleasant light, increasing the comfort of guests, as well as emphasizing the nature of the celebration. Colored cables with bulbs are also great for any social events in the garden or even outdoor summer parties with family members. In such cases, it is difficult to provide the right lighting, and garlands are not only very practical, but also  stylish garden lighting , beautifully highlighting the elegance of the surroundings.

garden garland

How to use garden garlands?

A wide range of possibilities gives a large field for demonstration. Thus, you can provide yourself with  lighting outdoors  or in the garden on a permanent basis, and this is according to your preferences. The color or shape of the bulbs can be well matched to the nature of the green space and the expectations of the household. Garlands are great not only for hanging in trees, where they provide light where standard lighting does not reach, and, for example, beautifully highlight elements of a small architecture from the shadows. It is also extremely atmospheric  terrace lighting , far more sophisticated than any other solution and more practical than even the popular lanterns and lanterns.

The garland can be placed in different places, at different heights and with any number of bulbs. With the ability to connect cables and connect multiple sets to a single outlet, it's also a great choice if you want to light up your gazebo. Pergolas are often located at a considerable distance from the house, so there is a problem with connecting light sources to the outlet. Colored  light bulbs for garlands  are also perfect, for example, as lighting for a kindergarten house.

Light garlands - not only outdoors !

Weather-resistant and can be positioned in many different ways,  string lights  completely solve the problem  of lighting up a garden party  or providing enough light in shady corners, terrace lighting, etc. However, they also give you so much more - no one said they can only be used outdoors.

Decorating the garden with lighting is an increasingly used solution, but it is also worth decorating and additionally lighting in this way, for example, the porch. Due to their functionality,  incandescent strings  are also readily used, for example, as an additional source of discreet light and decoration in a bedroom or youth room, and the little ones will certainly be happy to find a string of multi-colored bulbs in the room. However, these are just some of the many possible solutions - the only limit is the imagination.

garden garland

What garlands to choose?

Many options for choosing  garlands  allow you to ideally choose the type of lighting for your needs. When you want to emphasize the elegant decor of the environment or to bet on modernity, the best choice is a  garden garland  of cool white LED lamps. Such a garland will be excellent lighting, for example, a wedding tent or an exquisite garden.

Lamps with warm light, such as yellow, will provide a cozy atmosphere on the terrace or in the gazebo, while colored ones will be an excellent element for social gatherings in the garden, held in a cheerful atmosphere. It is also worth considering the intensity of light well. Light bulbs can be placed at different distances from each other, and their higher density will be useful where light does not come from other sources. At the same time, however, it is worth remembering that sometimes the right climate creates a subdued, unobtrusive, rather than strong light. Garden garlands  in its delivery are irreplaceable.

Light garlands - lighting only for holidays
Light garlands - lighting only for holidays

Light garlands - lighting only for holidays

Light garlands - lighting only for holidays

Have you ever had your Christmas decorations stay with you for a long time even though Christmas is long gone? Me and yes. As it turns out, a space decorated with tiny LED lights in the form of thin strings of lights is a popular theme for decorating indoor spaces, not just for the holidays.

Light chains , especially their rich offer right now in the pre-Christmas period, give us the opportunity to look for and choose this decorative lighting to create a new decorative element in our living space.

Interior decoration with background light garland

Light garlands - lighting only for holidays

There is never too much subtle light, especially when dusk falls early and splashes outside the window - pleasant, gentle reflections in the interior will be a desirable effect.

Garlands of light are perfect for creating atmosphere. We can use them to showcase window space by  hanging them at  eaves height , letting them hang freely, or creating a braid. Loosely  placed along the window sill , meandering between ornamental plants, they will decorate the lower part of  the window very beautifully .

Light strings very effectively create the atmosphere of a <strong>bedroom, integrated into the head of the bed or forming a wall curtain, emphasize the romantic character of this room. Finally, the light garlands will work as an <strong>element, emphasizing and emphasizing some detail in the interior</strong>-a sculpture, a plant, a piece of furniture.

Types of light garlands

Depending on which type of garland we choose - and the multiplicity of their types allows a wide range of applications - we can build the leading decor element in the interior or highlight only the selected element.

Long lights and light curtains are usually powered by  electricity  (230V) and will need an outlet in the immediate vicinity. They will perfectly fill large planes, for example, a sheet of a wall. When choosing electricity-powered garlands, let's choose garlands with a switch, it will be more convenient for us to use them, avoiding pulling out the plug every time. Light garlands can be equipped with LED bulbs or LEDs.

However, the whole group of garlands, smaller and shorter, giving less intense light, are battery-  powered garlands . Therefore, they can be used in any, even inaccessible place. Such strings of light can have a great effect, such as windowed libraries illuminating beautiful volumes, on  mirror  panels and around picture frames. They give a lot of wiggle room, because due to the independent power supply, we can place them freely, even  in hard-to-reach places.

Very handy and allowing a lot of interesting uses are these tiny garlands, small LEDs of which are located on a flexible wire. They allow you to create interesting compositions, they look especially decorative in the form of rosettes, braiding the bottom of  planters , vases, bowls or enclosed in jars or vases.

Light garlands - lighting only for holidays

When choosing garlands, let's look at their performance and evaluate their aesthetic value. Those whose power  cable does not dominate in color are suitable for the interior , it is transparent, white or decorative. The garlands are very spectacular, the cord of which is trimmed with a decorative braid that masks the bare cable. Some of the garlands have the ability to  connect cords , which allows you to create a really long chain. Depending on the type and type of garland, manufacturers offer additional frames, as well as the possibility of completely replacing them with a different color and type.

Light garlands, depending on the type of bulbs used, can give a cold, bluish, but also a warm yellow light. Interesting frames in the form of wicker balls, plastic stars, metal oriental lanterns guarantee spectacular reflections and further enrich the light effect.

So, let's go shopping for decorative string lights and use them as a permanent decoration (not just for the holidays), at least until spring, when the sun and natural light flood our home.

How to choose wardrobe lighting
How to choose wardrobe lighting

How to choose wardrobe lighting

A dressing room, like a large closet or a small room, usually requires especially careful lighting from the inside. Considering that most often this is a room without windows and other sources of daylight,  the lighting in the dressing room  should consist of several points.

Table of contents:

  1. Ceiling light vs closet lamp
  2. Hanging lamps for dressing room
  3. Metal Wardrobe Lamp
  4. Floor lamps for dressing room

Ceiling light vs closet lamp

Therefore, it will be useful separately: a  ceiling lamp for the dressing room,  as well as lamps that illuminate the interiors of individual modules. Small lamps mounted on the wall and ceiling will play a key role here. A small wall lamp of the FEBE Wall LOFTLIGHT type, as well as other universal lighting accessories of this kind, with the right installation guide, you will also install in the cabinet interior. An alternative to the Febe Wall sconce can be, for example, the Orto Teak LOFTLIGHT sconce or even the Rulon LOFTLIGHT sconce. The latter, however, give an intimate, very subtle, atmospheric light, and of course, both in a powerful closet and in the whole room, such  wardrobe lighting won't be enough. The dressing room is indeed an intimate room, but one of those in this category that simply needs intense lighting due to its highly utilitarian nature. Thus, it is possible to seduce, for example, a small standing lamp, but rather as decoration and additional lighting than the main source of light. Therefore  , wardrobe lighting  is, first of all, a large pendant lamp. Various modern lampshades work very well here, but also - as popular at the moment - industrial-style pendant lamps.

Hanging lamps for dressing room

In addition to the typical industrial metal lamps, bright and wide lamps such as the Fiora LOFTLIGHT are a very interesting solution. Therefore, for a poorly lit wardrobe, you can choose a non-woven "flower" with a diameter of 50 or 70 cm. Another unusual white lamp is the Conia White UMAGE lamp (Vita Copenhagen) in the characteristic cone shape. Ceiling lamp for dressing room, which is basically an oversized room, is often light in color. Thus, it does not give the impression of congestion. Therefore, whiteness is especially relevant here. In this case, not only the light of the lamp itself illuminates the room, but also the white color visually enlarges it. It is worth remembering that furnishing a wardrobe with too many accessories, furniture and other dark-colored items can often have an overwhelming effect. However,  the lighting for the dressing room  should, above all, be in the same style as the rest of the room.

Metal Wardrobe Lamp

In the dressing room, along with the already mentioned white pendant lamps, it is worth considering universal lighting in the form of metal industrial lamps. Galvanized, steel lamps in various shapes and colors are absolutely timeless and currently very fashionable. This  wardrobe lamp, that is, a lamp made of galvanized steel, is suitable not only in this room. Galvanized steel lamps come in white, among others. So you can get this type of wide chandelier. An interesting option is to hang small narrow pendant lights made of galvanized steel nearby in an even row, not necessarily white. Then you will illuminate the room even better, in which good visibility of objects inside is especially important. There is often a mirror in the wardrobe as well - so it pays to see the effect of any styling well, and this is best possible with good lighting.

Floor lamps for dressing room

Such lamps will work when it is difficult to bring the electrical system directly, such as into a closet or other poorly lit corners of the room. Just place a standing lamp next to the dressing room and, in the case of a lamp that can be maneuvered a bit, point the light inwards. floor lamps vary in design and functionality. This maneuvering is possible even with the white Stork LOFTLIGHT. If you're putting floor lamps just for better lighting at different points in your wardrobe, then it's certainly worth considering all sorts of industrial lamps, such as the PRL style with three wooden legs. Among these distinctive tripods you will find at lamps with lampshades that are open at the top and also fairly closed on that side. You can choose between a wide cylinder or dome shape. An alternative to them is a lamp on three metal legs with a classic lampshade. No matter what  wardrobe lighting you choose at, it will be modern and fit in with current trends in interior design. In the dressing room, an interesting solution would also be a LOFTLIGHT lamp or several copies of this model located at different points in the room, illuminating them well from different angles. Remember also that choosing the right lighting for your wardrobe is determined primarily by its area, the amount of space available and the location of individual items of clothing, as well as accessories.

Choosing an LED lamp, what to look for
Choosing an LED lamp, what to look for

Choosing an LED lamp, what to look for

Decorative lamp Edison ST 64 LED Glow Stick-Warm / Silver

LED lampThese are modern light sources with many undoubted advantages, among which one can note a long service life or a very low cost of use. The purchase of the lamp itself is more expensive than for sources based on other technologies. However, you should not choose the cheapest LED lamps, as they will not provide good quality lighting. In order to obtain a light that is comfortable and convenient for users, the choice of a lamp must be made consciously, considering several parameters - and choosing a product of good quality. At first, reading the parameters of LED lamps can seem difficult. The specifications provided by the manufacturers are sometimes obscure and in some cases even confusing. Therefore, we decided to acquaint our customers and readers with the basic principles for choosing these modern light sources.

Despite the development of LED technology, he continues to regret that the light emitted by LED bulbs is unhealthy, “unpleasant for the eyes”, unnatural. When we think of LEDs, blue or bright, very cold lighting, at best associated with a shop window, comes to mind. Many of us are constantly reluctant to the idea of ​​replacing "traditional" light bulbs in our own apartment with LED light sources. It is not fair. LED lamps are very economical, and with the right choice of them, we can get friendly, healthy, comfortable lighting - both for work and and for relaxation.What parameters should I pay attention to and what do each of them mean?

Light flow

This is a value that, simply put, will tell us how much our light bulb will glow. The higher the value, the more light our LED will emit. The unit of luminous flux is the lumen (lm).

The luminous flux is determined on the basis of special measurements carried out in the laboratory. It happens that unscrupulous lamp manufacturers take advantage of the fact that the values ​​indicated by them cannot be verified by users. Therefore, one value indicated in lumens is not enough to choose the right light bulb. The highest value will not always be the most desirable for us.

The lumen output information is useful when choosing a replacement for a conventional or halogen lamp.

Power of LED lamps

The wattage rating specified by the manufacturers determines at what wattage the device operates correctly and according to the instructions. The unit in which the value is specified is the watt (W). Remember that the lamp power tells us how much consumption the diodes and their power circuit generate, and not how much our lamp will burn. At the same power, the luminous flux of individual lamps can vary significantly depending on their quality, the components used, the light transmission of the lampshade, or parameters such as light color and color rendering index, which we will mention a little later. Inefficient older type LEDs can emit little light with high power consumption. So remember not to be fooled and not to make a choice based only on this parameter.

Efficiency (efficiency, efficiency)

To really evaluate the effectiveness of a given LED lamp,  both parameters discussed above , i.e. both  luminous flux and  power , must be taken into account . We calculate efficiency by dividing the flow, expressed in lumens, by the power, expressed in watts. The value obtained in this way tells us how economical and how efficient our light source is. The higher the ratio, the better. Modern, efficient LED bulbs get efficiencies up to 100-140 lm/W.

beam angle

The beam angle is the area that a given bulb can illuminate. The larger it is, the more diffused and, therefore, weaker light we will receive. Light at a 30° angle will be highly focused and effectively illuminate the interior, especially from a great height. Therefore, this beam angle is recommended for ceiling lighting. For shelf and shelf lighting, we can choose lamps with an angle of 60°. 120° LED bulbs are used to replace traditional 40W and 60W incandescent bulbs.

light color

The color of the light emitted by the light bulb affects the well-being of people in the illuminated room, their ability to concentrate or relax. The applause of light also has an aesthetic value. Depending on it, the appearance of the room or the illuminated objects changes.

The color of light is determined using the color temperature expressed in kelvins (K):

  • below 3300 K - heat color
  • from 3300 k to 5300 k - neutral color
  • above 5300 k-cold color

Warm-colored lighting works great in rooms designed for relaxation : in the bedroom, bathroom or living room. The color of cold promotes concentration , stimulates, increases the ability to concentrate and learn. It is also preferable for work that requires visual effort. Cool color lamps work well in offices, production halls, we can use them for lighting around the table, for example in a table lamp. In hallways, lobbies or stairwells, you can use light of a neutral color, that is, an intermediate color between warm and cold.

LED lamps for living room and bedroom - offers:

Decorative lamp Edison ST 64 LED Glow Stick-Warm / Silver

Edison LED Decorative Lamp 5W Silver Warm

Decorative lamp in a retro style, emitting light in a pleasant warm color (2700K). Power 5 W. silver glass color is a novelty in our offer. The light source is ideal for relaxing and at the same time comfortable. It is well suited as a ceiling light in the living room.

Decorative lamp Edison ST 64 LED Glow Stick-Warm / Smoky

Edison LED 5W Silver Warm Smoky

The same light bulb, smoked glass version. It emits atmospheric light in a very warm color that works very well in the bedroom, among other things, although not only. It is recommended to use in all rooms where we want to create a cozy atmosphere.

For study and work:

Decorative lamp Edison ST 64 LED Glow Stick-White / Transparent

Żarowka Edison LED 5W Transaprent White

Decorative LED lamp emitting neutral white light with a color temperature of 4000 K. The glass of the lamp is transparent. Another novelty in the store. great for lighting rooms where we study or work, but not only. This is a universal light source for a child's room, hallway or living room.

Additional suggestions when it comes to modern LED  decorative lamps can be found in the category  of LED lamps .

Color rendition index

Whether objects illuminated by our bulb will look  natural will depend on the CRI (Ra) color rendering index. Artificial light sources are defined relative to sunlight, which has the highest color rendering index (Ra=100). The color rendering index is one of the most important parameters when evaluating LED lamps . High CRI light is neutral and pleasant. Sources with low CRI emit artificial light that is not very user-friendly, which has a bad effect on well-being and makes colors unnatural.

Low CRI is typical for low quality LED lamps. Cheap LED light sources can actually have a negative effect on health and well-being and are not suitable for residential lighting. They emit a light that winks discreetly, and although we don't realize it, it's tiring for our eyes. Good quality lamps are made from modern components and emit a safe light that can serve as comfortable lighting for living spaces. LED light sources are economical and we can use them for a very long time without having to change the lamp. Thus, an investment in good lighting powered by this technology will be an investment that will certainly pay off.

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